Alyson’s free handouts:

  • Morning stretches (3 routines)
  • Evening relaxers (2 routines)
  • Back care basics
  • 5 minute rescue restorers
  • 15 minute routine
  • 30 minute routine
  • De-stressing handout
  • Pregnancy yoga (basic information)
  • Post-natal yoga (basic information)
  • Yoga and sleep

These are all available online in Google Drive as word documents (some are .pdfs) for you to download.

My videos

  • Shoulder stretches (5 minutes)

The video is on YouTube (Alyson Tyler’s channel):


  • Seated shoulder stretches (6 minutes)

Also available on my YouTube channel

  • Seated back/spine stretches (5 minutes)

Available on Youtube:

  • Neck stretches (5 minutes)

Available on YouTube and below:




Other free resources you may want to check out:


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