My classes

March / April classes:
Tue 20th ON! Updated 15/3, this is now on as the other thing has been postponed
Tue 27th – ON
Tue 3rd April – Class cancelled (Easter week)
Term re-starts Tue 10th April

I teach two classes:

Gentle yoga – Tuesdays 4:15-5:45pm
This is a gentle class suitable for most people including pregnant women, complete beginners, older people, stiff people etc.

Intermediate yogaTuesdays 6:00-7:15pm
A good level of fitness and prior knowledge of yoga is preferred. This class is not really suitable for those with more serious health conditions or limited physical ability.

Location: Canolfan Padarn, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 3QS

The gentle class is Hatha Yoga, probably the most common form of yoga in the West and a typical class will involve simple stretches, postures (asanas), breathing work (pranayama) and relaxation. It is quite gentle and is suitable for complete beginners, pregnant women, people with mild/moderate health issues (e.g. back pain), older people etc. I give modifications where appropriate, to make it easier or harder for individuals. If you have more restrictive health conditions or mobility issues you may be better with the Tuesday morning class or Thursday afternoon class by Sue Jones Davies.

The intermediate/advanced class is quite dynamic and is suitable for those with a good level of fitness who want a more vigorous class. This includes more challenging asanas and vinyasa flow sequences, as well as meditation, pranayama and sometimes mantra and a bit of yoga philosophy. Ideally you should have some prior knowledge of yoga and have been practising for several months at least before joining this class.

If these classes don’t suit you or your availability there are other yoga classes in Aberystwyth and the wider area.

In Aberystwyth on holiday or here for just a day or week? You’re very welcome to come to the classes, they’re open to all.

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Further detail about Alyson Tyler’s classes

Price: £5 or £3 concession (50p of each payment goes a chosen charity for the year. It was the Pit Pony Sanctuary in south Wales in 2016 and is Greyhound Rescue Wales in 2017.)

Both my classes are ‘drop in’, you do not have to sign up in advance or pay for a whole term. You are welcome to join the class at any time during the year.

If possible, please contact me before coming to a class for your first time so that we can discuss any health issues if necessary and so that I can confirm the class is on. However, on Tuesdays itself I cannot check email or my landline number so you won’t get a reply – just turn up in that case, checking the top of this page first to ensure the class is on.

Clothing: Wear/bring layers of loose clothing, and bring something warm (jumpers, socks, blanket if you wish) for the final relaxation part of class. You may want to bring a small bottle of water as well.

Location: Canolfan Padarn, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 3QS

Canolfan Padarn is the council’s social services adult day care activities centre behind the Ambulance Station. Take the turning that is next to the car showroom on the Llanbadarn Road – the turning looks like it’s going into a brick ‘garage’ – this is the Ambulance station. There is a bus shelter right next to the turning as well. Follow the turning round to the left of the Ambulance station and after 10 metres you’ll see a large single-storey white building with parking space. This is Canolfan Padarn. If you are walking from Aberystwyth it will take about 10-15 minutes. It is on bus routes that stop along the Llanbadarn Fawr road e.g. the 525 and the 526.

The building is not visible from the road so the pictures below should help you find it.

Picture showing entrance to Canolfan Padarn

View of entrance if coming from Aberystwyth

Picture of turning into Canolfan Padarn

Turning for Canolfan Padarn if coming form Llanbadarn direction

Picture showing bus shelter with footpath to Canolfan Padarn

Bus shelter with footpath to Canolfan Padarn