Looking for meditation classes in Aberystwyth?

Meditation pose

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Are you looking for a meditation class in Aberystwyth? If so, there are a few advertised locally that you might like to try. Whilst gathering the information (from posters in the town library and in the Treehouse), I noticed that there are a couple of day workshops coming this month too. See below.

Weekly classes

Wednesdays 7:45pm for 8pm start, Merched y Wawr building (Vulcan St). Contact Ian on 01970 625762 or Maurice on 01970 627356 (updated details Dec 2013). The group now has its own blog website with more details about what the class involves.

I would recommend contacting them before turning up for the first time.

One-off workshops

Sat 10th March 2012, 10am-5pm, Friends Meeting House, Penparcau, Aberystwyth. ‘Kissing your toad’ with Jason Woods. Contact Jason on 01970 625079.

Sat 24th March 2012, 10am-4pm, Morlan centre, Aberystwyth. Buddhist meditation introduction. Concact Jane on jane-at-ahs.org.uk or 07929 857173.

3 thoughts on “Looking for meditation classes in Aberystwyth?

  1. Hi Alyson

    thanks for publicizing the meditation courses. The Wednesday evening one starts with an hour’s sitting meditation, followed by tea and a discussion and usually ends around 9.30pm. All are welcome and there is some basic instruction for beginners. We meet nearly every Wednesday but do check with Ian.

    I think your blog is great by the way! lots of interesting and thoughtful stuff. Maybe Aber Meditation could start one as well.


    • Hi Jane, thanks for your comments and additional information about the Wednesday meditation classes. I enjoyed the Saturday course and have been experimenting a little bit with ‘being the gaps between the thoughts’. As yet the gaps are infinitesimal!

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